Company statement

The specialist in industrialized earhtworm growing and Enzyme purification at pharmaceutical level

Our company is a uniqe technology platform focused only on Earth Worms and its related products. Biovision is established in 2011 and has been active in Europe, China, Australia and the USA in promoting earth warm growing technology and its enviromental, pharmaceutical value in several forms of products.

Earth worm

Earthworms are vital in breaking down detritus, putting nutrients back into the soil, spreading nutrients about, helping with drainage, soil aeration, providing habitats for other soil-dwelling organisms, and breaking down the soil's structure. It is the first life form on earth to allow agriculture happens. It is well said: earth worm breed all the other life forms on earth!

Earth worm related high value products

The vermi-compost is the out come of earth worms digested, processed soil. Vermi-compost is the richest in nutrition for plant roots, and well balanced in micro-colonials of fungi and bacteria. A natural earth worm vermi-compost is the most valuable biological fertilizer for all kinds of soil. It is now been recognized and used in a broad range of soil treatment, agricultrial land, re-vitalization of industrial polluted land and salted waste land or semi-dezert.

Earth worm Enzyme

The anti-cougulation biological drugs (used by Chinese for 1500 years) has been registered in China and Japan since 1980's. A special group of enzymes purified from earth worm dry powder demonstrated very efficient, yet very safe anti-coagulation effect in human blood system. It is widely used in clinical situation in China and Japan to the alternative medicine for patients who could not tolerant chemical drugs. It reduces the CVA (cerebral bleeding incident) occurence largely in patient group post cardio-vascular surgical procedures.

Aim of Biovision Technology

After succesfully accompleshing out phase I goal: HIS-Automation system for industrial earth worm growing,

We are currently working in phase II of our company plan: The purification of Enzymes family which impacts on human blood coagulation mechanism. Our lab in Leiden Bioscience Park is ready for R&D work. We look forward for any inquiry for co-operations in R&D or investment in this fantastic niche market´╝ü

Biovision Technology